What is Fantasy44 & How To Play

Fantasy44 is Kenya’s 1st fantasy sports platform with real cash prizes. Join Fantasy Premier League & Weekly tournaments to win huge cash prizes.

A Guide on How To Play Fantasy44

At some point in your life, you must’ve dreamt of becoming a fine sports player some day and enjoyed the thrill of being the captain and building your own Team, haven’t you? Well, you’re not alone. It’s a human DNA thing. 

Life happens and dreams fade but what remains the same is our Love for Sports. 

For the same ever-increasing love for sports, the childhood dream of playing and the thrill of owning & building your own team, we’ve got Fantasy44 for you, Africa’s fastest growing Fantasy Sports Platform. 

Fantasy44 is Kenya’s 1st Daily Fantasy Sports Platform where you win Cash Prizes. Contrary to traditional sportsbook betting where users place odds, Fantasy44 requires users to select a dream team from a specific match, earn points from the selected players and win real cash based on your ranking in a set contest. 

Basically, users can create a single or multiple virtual teams of real players of football matches. Then the points would be rewarded as per the player’s live match statistical performance. 

So how do you Play on FANTASY44? 

How To Play Fantasy44

Follow these simple steps to play on FANTASY44: 

  1. Visit Fantasy44 & Signup
  2. Click on any match & join a Free Practise Contest to test your skills.
  3. Create your team of 11 players. Max of 7players from 1 team.
  4. Choose A captain & Vice captain for your team
  5. When the real match goes live, your team will start earning points
  6. All participants in that contests are ranked in the leaderboard based on Points
  7. Track your teams performance in My Contests session
  8. Winner is the person with most points at the end of the real match.
  9. If you are a winner you instantly walk away with Cash at the end of the match

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