Ksh 100,000 Weekly Guaranteed Cash Prizes Fantasy Football Tournament

Fantasy Football Tournament

Imagine winning Ksh 100,000 weekly from just competing in a fantasy football tournament. This sounds unreal right? 

Well, this is now possible for the first time in Kenya as gaming enthusiasts have a chance to win cash prizes from playing fantasy football courtesy of Fantasy44.com with Fantasy Football Tournaments.

Fantasy44.com  is a daily Fantasy Sports Platform offering sports lovers a chance to enjoy daily fantasy football contests ideal for winning cash prizes. Unlike traditional betting, here you don’t play against the house, you compete against friends or other fans.

While there are plenty of fantasy football games available online, Fantasy44 seeks to stand out by providing the greatest Fantasy Sports Experience for real money. The platform gives gamers a chance to win daily and weekly cash prizes while enjoying playing their favorite players in a fantasy football contest. 

The gaming platform, which is the first of its kind in Africa, requires sport lovers to select a dream team from a specific match, earn points from the selected players and win real cash based on their ranking in a set contest.

Contrary to the other fantasy football games, Fantasy44 allows users to create a single or multiple virtual teams of real players in football matches, then the points will be rewarded as per the player’s live match statistical performance.

Kenya being one of the Africa’s leading gaming markets, Fantasy44 seeks to offer reputable gaming platform that will change the fantasy football game in the country. It seeks to address the needs of Kenyan customers since is developed, and being operated by Kenyans

Sports fantasy subscribers get the opportunity to join and win daily football contests across major leagues through a mobile app and their website www.fantasy44.com.  

FPL managers can invite friends, colleagues, and family to join private or public contests and win real money instead of just earning fantasy points. 

Fantasy44 Football Weekly Tournaments

Besides being able to compete in contests which are for single matches where winners are known after every match, Fantasy44 has some amazing Fantasy Football Tournaments which run for 2 to 3 days and have larger cash prizes of up to Kes. 50,000 shared among the Top 10 participants while the entry fee is only Kes.200.

Midweek Tournament -> This is a tournament that runs every Monday to Wednesday, whereby you create a team for each match in the tournament. The top 10 players with the most points from the various matches get to split the Cash prize with 1st position walking away with Kes.20,000. 

Weekend Tournament: The weekend tournament is the same as midweek tournament with Kes. 50,000 also up for grabs only that it runs every Thursday to Sunday consisting of several matches. 

Ksh. 100,000 is won every week. This is divided into two with the midweek tournament running from Monday to Wednesday where there is a  guaranteed cash prize of Ksh. 50,000. The weekend Tournament – Thursday to Sunday with another Ksh. 50,000 cash prize is guaranteed

To play, one needs to join the tournament with an entry fee of Ksh 200. Users can also earn upto Ksh 500 by inviting others to play using a unique invite code given to them.

The platform is very interesting with lots of other cash prizes on the Leaderboards like the Manager of the Month with most points, Top players in a league with. Most points.

Fantasy44 is free to join and you can play the Free practice contests  on Fantasy44.com then once you are ready to join the paid tournaments to compete with the big boys, you can jump into the tournaments.

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